We are a strategy and innovation consultancy that delivers big ideas.


We read between the lines of what people say and do to find their deeper beliefs and true motivations

 Digital Insights

 Journey Mapping
 Jobs to be Done

We develop insight-driven brand and marketing strategies that get results

 Brand & Product Positioning
 Brand Architecture
 Portfolio Strategy

 Equity Expansion
 Go-to-Market Strategy
 Business Modeling

We create big, impactful innovations – from quick wins to major disruptions

 Product Innovation
 Commercial Innovation
 White Space Mapping

 Beta Product Testing
 Naming & Brand Identity
 Package Design

Some tools we use to uncover the opportunities
that make a difference
The Hive

Based on the analogy of bees working together, the Hive™ uses the energy and collective intelligence of Creative Consumers to explore insights, benefits, rtb’s, visual imagery, textures, and names. Each element is assessed individually, and then the strongest pieces are brought together in highly creative ideas.


Modeled off Blue Ocean strategy, GreenFields helps us create disruptive innovations. It uses a regression model to plot product benefits and attributes - those that exist today and those that will tomorrow. Benefits and attributes that cluster together in the GreenFields map of opportunity become strategic platforms for disruptive innovation.

Target Visioning

We go on a longitudinal journey with consumers, incorporating multiple touch-points to better understand who they are, how they live, what they want, and why. This includes speaking with them, visiting them, shopping with them and interacting with them digitally. The real-life insight we get lays the foundation for big ideas.

Industry Expertise

We have over 25 years of experience creating and maximizing products and brands that have become part of people’s everyday purchases - from food and beverages, to oral care, to daily supplements, to hair and skin care, to baby care, to grooming and more.

Health Care

We believe that health care is one of the most emotional areas around – even when emotions aren’t obvious. We have deep experience with a wide range of health care decision-makers, including doctors, nurses, patients, administrators, economic buyers and more and have done everything from segmentations and patient journeys to innovations and marketing strategies.

Consumer Tech

From helping start-ups create a vision for their business to positioning some of the biggest hits at CES to making sophisticated tech relevant to real people, we partner with tech companies to help them create and communicate products that people want to have in their homes and their lives.


Whether it’s beauty or liquor, we know image matters. We consider these lifestyle categories some of the most exciting work we do, since along with strong innovations and strategies, they need to make an impact deep in the emotional core of consumers.


We treat customers like consumers – digging deep to understand what truly matters to them. We use that inspiration to develop strategies and innovations that differentiate you from your competition and set the stage for success.