Creating the brand narrative that helped grow support


With so many environmental issues to be addressed, and many organizations vying for support and attention, the leading environmental non-profit, NRDC, wanted to be sure that its mission was being recognized and supported by its various constituent groups – particularly members and advocates. NRDC asked Consumer Dynamics to help them develop the narrative that could enable them to deeply connect and motivate these audiences – and, together, make a greater difference for the environment.


With this non-profit, gaining stakeholder support was vital in order for a new narrative to come to life. So, every step of the way, we workshopped the target insights we gathered and the ideas we created, making sure that all stakeholders would stand behind the positioning. What we learned – and what the team heartily supported - is that what matters most is that NRDC fights for environmental issues that are too important to lose. Once environmentally – concerned audiences learned about what NRDC did, they wanted to enthusiastically support them.


NRDC is a leader in environmental advocacy, with significant growth in membership, activist and donor support.