Transforming a brand from stodgy and old to young, vibrant and thriving


KY was a quiet brand solving a specific problem for older women. But, suddenly, the brand started coming alive with a new warming SKU that got younger consumers involved in the category and looking for intimacy enhancement, not just problem-solving. The brand partnered with Consumer Dynamics to help unlock new growth potential with a new positioning and innovations that spoke to this emerging target.


Tackling this sensitive subject, we spoke to women in a unique range of ways – creating interactive blogs, setting up Passion Parties, asking them to try new adventures and more. We learned that there was pent-up demand for intimacy enhancing innovations and particularly from a safe brand like KY. We came up with a new brand positioning and a slew of new products, including KY Yours & Mine, KY Intense, and more. We also expanded the audience, going well beyond the target of problem-solvers.


KY catapulted in growth, moving from a one item product line to a portfolio of exciting products for a broad range of consumers.