Helping craft a brand positioning to disrupt a stagnant category


The start-up Willow came to us for help in positioning a new product – a truly revolutionary breast pump. This pump would look like no pump that existed on the market – with no external tubes, no cords and no dangling bottles. In a category with high dissatisfaction and little innovation, Willow would need to come up with a positioning that would truly compel and convince moms, and make sure the product delivered on what they care about most.


To fully understand the opportunity for Willow and this new pump, we conducted friendship parties with new and expectant moms – gathering moms together to talk about their experiences in motherhood and in pumping and exposing them to positionings and potential features – to uncover the real, BIG opportunity. Armed with that knowledge, we helped develop an exciting positioning for the brand and product that would help Willow complete its product development and guide the brand identity. (Image: © Willow)


With a new name, brand identity and product that was ready to announce, Willow was first debuted at CES in 2017 and won seven awards, including two “Best of CES 2017” awards from notable publications. But the most important achievement is that Willow is helping moms be successful with meeting their breastfeeding goals.