Renewing a mature brand


Whitening products have always been targeted to millennial women interested in cosmetic benefits, with many toothpastes and strips meeting the whitening needs of these highly beauty-involved consumers. Colgate wanted to uncover new and different targets and needs, capable of fueling major, incremental growth to build its Optic White franchise.


Broad-based global trends and in-depth insight work uncovered an exciting new target of older women and men who want to erase years of indulgent behavior from drinking coffee, wine, and eating sugary foods, which cause yellow stains over time. This led to a design thinking initiative around this strategic opportunity, which resulted in the Renewal toothpaste innovation, with Consumer Dynamics identifying the name, positioning, and claim that Renewal “removes 10 years of yellow stains.”


Launching as Colgate’s “biggest whitening toothpaste innovation in a decade,” and bolstered by a partnership with Sheryl Crow, the brand is poised for a renewed wave of growth, and a very bright future.