Setting this B-to-B information services provider up for acquisition


Avention, a competitor in sales and marketing leads, came to Consumer Dynamics with disruptive technologies that could provide their customers with a whole new way of doing business. To fully leverage their offerings, and help make them an appealing acquisition target, Avention wanted a distinctive value proposition, a compelling brand personality and clear, strategic architecture.


We conducted customer insight interviews to get an understanding of needs, desires, usage behaviors, and perceptions pertaining to information solutions and Avention. What we learned was that the company’s customers have emotional needs that go well beyond the functional – and what they want is to be sure that they never experience a missed opportunity with their own target customers because, sometimes, you only get one chance. Building off of this emotional insight, we helped transform Avention from a data store to a leading-edge enablement company.


This new vision helped distinguish Avention from competitors and make them an appealing prospect to Dun & Bradstreet, which recently purchased the company for $150 million.