Who We Are

Our eclectic team of creative strategists come with diverse backgrounds and skills, but we all share an insatiable curiosity, firm strategic grounding and an ability to connect the dots in new and different ways.

100% Strategic
& 100% Creative
100% Strategic & 100% Creative
Ben Olins

A brand strategist with a copy editor’s soul, Ben loves nothing more than to agonize for hours over the perfect turn of phrase in a new product concept or positioning statement. Outside of the office, he can usually be found people-watching at a cafe or with his nose in a collection of short stories.

Daniella Gold

Daniella is a strategic thinker and doer who relishes the opportunity to turn abstract ideas into new businesses, products and services. Curator turned Strategist, Daniella has an inherent curiosity for human behavior, an unceasing enthusiasm for culture and a genuine love for design.

Dewey Mixter
Senior Strategist

Dewey is passionate about understanding the intersection of trends and business strategy. When he's not working, you can find him practicing his inside-out forehand on the tennis court or searching the small Vietnamese shops of Williamsburg for a delicious bowl of Pho Bo.

Ezra Surowicz

Ezra is a strategist with a passion for connecting with people and developing brands. Born and raised in NYC, he appreciates a multi-faceted perspective and is always trying to understand new points of view.

Hal Fass

Hal enjoys sinking his teeth into life, whether it’s traveling, experiencing new foods and wines, listening to live music or sharing his passion for snowboarding with others; and his experiences and intuitive observations inform everything he does.

Haley Sperling
Office Manager

Haley strives to always make a genuine connection with those around her. By gaining new experiences such as traveling, tasting new foods, or going to concerts, finding ways to form relationships with others is easily translated into her everyday life.

Kevin Briskey
Associate Partner

Kevin has always been intrigued by what makes people tick. It’s a question he has pursued through his over two decades of brand strategy experience, dissecting consumer beliefs, behaviors and preferences to reveal breakthrough opportunities for clients.

Maya Willner

Coming from the always-changing worlds of TV and media, Maya thrives on creating big, breakthrough ideas for dynamic marketplaces. Inspired by what people say and do, she loves coming up with strategies and disruptive innovations for brands--spanning CPGs to tech start-ups.

Nana T. Baffour-Awuah

Nana is insatiably curious. Born in Ghana and raised by many worlds, he loves to explore the uncommon and bring clarity to the obscure. He has been writing since he could talk and is driven by a passion for excellence.

Nancy Schaefer
Managing Partner

Always wanting to stretch and push boundaries, Nancy co-founded Consumer Dynamics to continually evolve the status quo. Nancy is a lateral thinker and disruptive innovator who draws inspiration from everywhere, looking to the future to create ideas that can change the present.

Sharon Bell
Senior Director

Eternally curious and passionate about what makes people tick, Sharon is a born strategic thinker and innovator. With over 20 years of experience on both the client and consulting side she brings a breadth of skills and a fresh perspective to every project.

Sybil Wailand
Managing Partner

Sybil co-founded CD to break the mold of consensus-based corporate thinking and, instead, create big ideas off of real insight. She continues to blaze new trails today, with her deep experience, ever-present curiosity and urge to keep breaking molds.